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Licensing Yorkshire

Speaking of licenses (and we often do) we have introduced some poetic license to our website, for your amusement. The presentation may be tongue-in-cheek but the content and sentiment is all too true. If you would like to send a reply or enquiry in verse please feel free to use our contact form. If you impress us with your creativity, you could win £50 and your poem could appear here too. Watch this space!

Poetic Justice

As introductions go, this one will be a brief,

GC Business Lawyers, offering business law without "the grief".

Independent Specialists, not the wig-wearing, in court type.

With bags of commercial experience, a personal service without the hype.

Don't neglect your legals. It can be such an expensive game.

Our very competitive fees mean that it will cost you less to gain.

Business law covers contracts. We deal with leases too,

so before signing anything commercial, let us check it out for you!

New lease of life

GC Buiness Lawyers with more "act before you rue".

Are you up on leases - or haven't you got a clue?

Misunderstanding is no excuse if you word things slightly wrong.

Tenants may get the upperhand and can take you "for a song".

When it comes to liability it's down to clause and effect.

Omitting something crucial, might be something you live to regret.

So, just a friendly warning - your leases could be overdue

for a legislative update - as a way of protecting you!

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